Hi! It's the Little Jewish Girl From Brooklyn here...

Hi! It's the Little Jewish Girl From Brooklyn here...
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Thursday, January 19, 2012


Recently I read a very heart stirring article by Mitch Glaser, head of Chosen People Ministries, one of the greatest Jewish outreach ministries in the world. The article posed a question about the dwindling support for Israel in our current generation. Here is my response pasted from his blog page. Love to hear your thoughts...

"Thank you Mitch for your sharing about such a vital topic. I can tell you that for many years, though proud to be a little Jewish girl from Brooklyn, I was not even aware of how important it is to support Israel.

I was raised to think of Israel as a state and not as a people, my people. I was even raised to resent that Israel could need or require more support than Jews anywhere else in the world. Besides, my Dad would tell me about all the Jewish people on Kings hwy in Brooklyn and in Russia- they needed my “support” or so he taught me there was nothing different about Israel.

But I know now that there is. What changed my heart towards Israel is this. My friend Byron Spradlin said to me, Michelle, if you don’t go (and help the Jewish people) who else will? That day I realized that I was called as a Jewish woman like Esther to bring salvation to my people, for such a time as this.

I came to realize that though there are Jewish people all over the world, that most of my Jewish PEOPLE live in the land of Israel. It then dawned on me that the land is vital because our people are the heartbeat of God. (as stated in Romans 10 when Paul expressed his desire to see my people saved) God longs for us.

I have a deep love and support for Israel like never before. Yes, some might argue that supporting Israel is a political thing and that the topic should stay out of the church. But the Lord has shown me, the contrary. Israel is His people, that’s a spiritual topic. Supporting Israel is part of the great commission. I feel like God is saying to the church today, “If you love my people, you’ll protect their land.”

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Pasted from the Blog of Dr. Mitch Glaser
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