Hi! It's the Little Jewish Girl From Brooklyn here...

Hi! It's the Little Jewish Girl From Brooklyn here...
Shalom & Wuuuuuuuz Uuuuuuup!

Monday, November 21, 2016

I DREAM OF A DAY WHEN THE ALTARS ARE OPEN! (no more forgetting hurting people)

Why is it so easy to preach and so difficult to pray?
Every Saturday and every Sunday churches & congregations get together and Less and less of the leaders have a designated time at the altar to pray during or after service. Most of us can absolutely relate to this conflict on an individual level.  It's much easier to preach and teach than it is to pause and allow ourselves to enjoy some quiet time before the Lord in prayer & meditation. Who knows if maybe some of us are seemingly wired or designed this way?

Or perhaps we are all guilty at one time or another of being more inclined to go  and to speak rather than to stop to listen for God's direction & guidance? Talking is fun! Learning is so much fun too. I admit I love to listen to youtube on any given subject and hear my favorite preachers and teachers- even other non-experts my age- teaching me what they've learned from great experience. God doesn't frown upon talking and learning and teaching. In the book of proverbs, it says that a good word is like a fountain of life. So what's so wrong w good teaching ALONE? Why can't we all just learn and go home? What does Yeshua think?

Yeshua Jesus said my house shall be called a house of prayer. (From Mathew 21:13)  He knew when to talk and teach and he certainly also spent time praying inside and outside the temple for the sick, the blind and those in need. So you might say, we're not Jesus. You might say, healing is not for today. If you feel this way... I hope to sway you today.


 My husband (Minister) Joe Franco and I have traveled to well over 400 Churches and congregations around the United States of America and throughout Israel and Europe and have noticed that in way too many congregations, the altars (the place for sending and receiving healing prayers ) are closed. I often think. "People are needlessly suffering in silence and struggling and God is looking for a vessel." Fill me with supernatural power to pray with someone, Lord." And then, the leader dismisses the service in haste and my heart breaks.

If the believers don't use our God-given power to bless and pray for healing, the "world" offers pretty good teaching too and THEY will and they DO believe in their OWN power to heal. It's ok to be mad at their misguided view  but I hope we all learn from their zeal. The power to heal does not come by human might or power but from the spirit of the Lord. If we as believers dare decide NOT to offer more than what the world gives, will the people we love ever come and meet with their God? If we hold back this beautiful gift because we feel weak (though God promises to be strong in us) then who will go and bring comfort to those cryng out?

And if we do not take out a few moments in God's presence, how can we ourselves be renewed, healed and strengthened in Messiah when we are empty and have nothing to give at all? Shall we then spin around like busy bees and just become human Do-ings? Or shall we as the body of Messiah, RISE UP and bring people back to the altar? What could be a more urgent reason for gathering at a service than the need to pray?  There is nothing more important than to lift up each others'  needs &  LISTEN for God's direction so we can be free.

Who among us does not need liberation from fear, heartache, disenchantment with the world, obsessions, and the list goes on? Our Abba Father longs for us to experience His life more abundantly so we can be equipped to GO and make the great commission our mission to bring deliverance & salvation.


Even Moses knew He needed God's presence.
So Moses said to Adonai “You say to me, ‘Bring up this people,’ but You have not let me know whom You will send with me. Yet You have said, ‘I know you by name, and you have also found grace in My eyes.’ Now then, I pray, if I have found grace in Your eyes, show me Your ways, so that I may know You, so that I might find favor in Your sight. Consider also that this nation is Your people.”

“My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest,” He answered. But then he said to Him, “If Your presence does not go with me, don’t let us go up from here! Exodus 33:12-15

So why are the altars on lock mode? What could be the reasons the waters of healing are roped off for those who wanna dive in?

(Below are s
ome reasons are lies the enemy has been secretly whispering into the ears of some of the most awesome loving pastors and rabbis around the World. It's time to forgive our leaders for forgetting and encourage them to re-open the altars.)



Myths or lies we are tempted to believe
1.The Word of God says we are the temple of the Holy Spirit.  So people can just pray at home or in their cars on the way to church. 
Joe's Answer:
This negates the needs for God's spirit to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. During the message, people often hear things that show them they need to change to conformed to the image of God. Prayer at the end of the message helps a person repent and receive healing to be a stronger believer. 

2. We don't have time to pray at the end of service because we have to get to the fellowship/food time. 
Joe's Answer:
What's more important prayer or pasta? If we need to rush to eat together, consider shortening the worship service, announcements, or add altar prayer time during worship. 

3. It's easier to just pray once a month or once a week on a separate day 
Joe's Answer:
The Scriptures teach us to pray always and prayer at the end of the message helps solidify the message in the believer's heart. 

4. We say the "our father" together as a congregation and that's enough. 
Joe's Answer:
The prayer
"Our Father" is  the example of how we should pray to the father, and a good start. But nothing takes the place of personal, heartfelt prayer to God at the altar. Also, the Word of God commands us to lay hands on the sick. (James 5:13)
In conclusion, my family and friends, I beg you today to consider this one thing. Le'ts make 2017 a year of renewal, healing, and power by going back to tarrying at the altar.



Since coming into true relationship with the Lord in 1990, other people's prayers for me have changed my life. Those prayers have healed my spirit so much that I've been able to watch myself grow into a happier, more whole, more patient, and loving human being. through prayer at the altar alone, I have overcome the pain of being touched the wrong way as a child, the pain of realizing that fame and education will not satisfy the way I had thought they would.  I have been healed of a major stomach illness that had caused by horrible anxiety, and much more. Also, without even using words, I have a partaker in being  part of a designated group
at the altar through the simple act of praying over others & I've seen God rebuild people's lives.  Through prayer, we are changed & as we sincerely confess, all of our wrongs are in Gods sea of forgetfulness. I've been released revived and renewed. I come back to be refueled as often as I can. Even if I don't WANNA pray, I pray for the willingness to want to pray.

As for my marriage, I also thoroughly enjoy the time my husband and I spend together at the altar as a couple just sitting silently for a brief time. We are not perfect but we are being closely knit together. Sometimes I kneel, Sometimes I sit "Criss cross apple sauce" and other times, I just cover my face with my hair so no one can see my intimate & reassuring private conversation with God.



If you agree today and feel this is a real issue in the congregations today stopping us from moving forward, Will you join with me in what I will call the "back to the altar" revolution? Let's start this today? Say with me "Lord- let peace begin w me!"
What can I do to make an impact?
if you are a seasoned believer,  offer to your leader to be a "prayer worker" or designated person to pray for others after service. To avoid confusion & protect the people and pastor, every temple
 needs designated folks to pray for people. You do not have to be a perfect vessel. Remember that God chooses the weak to shame the strong and he is made powerful in our weakness. Make sure you abide by the rules of your pastor. 

Don't be afraid to be the first one to come and kneel and sit before God at the altar. Ask your leader: What is the acceptable time, either after service or during worship to come to the altar? The Lord will reward you for spending time w him. Praying at your seat is good too if you can quiet your soul enough there to avoid distraction. I like to kneel at my seat so I can privately listen and talk with God. 

C- BELIEVE AGAIN that there is power in prayer.
Don't be deceived by people who say you can heal thru therapy and doctors alone. We all need God's healing hand and must humbly admit that it
is God who anoints our doctors and therapists. There are some spiritual ailments that only the Lord can heal if we let Him. Thank God for our doctors but don't forget Doctor Father God!

I look forward to hearing your praise reports as you challenge yourself to urgently awaken the part of your spirit which longs to sit in His presence to be fueled and empowered by Adonai. As we enter into the holidays, let us remember that the greatest present truly is Adonai's presence! Our gift is wrapped up in God's arms and set aside just for us.

If we die tomorrow, we will die happy, knowing we have made a difference and that we have made our community stronger one person at a time.Add your comments below if you like.
All my love,
Michelle gold

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Wanted: Vessels of mercy with spiritual urgency

Besides this you know the time, that the hour has come for you to wake from sleep. For salvation is nearer to us now than when we first believed.
Romans 13:11 ESV

WOW Moment...An American Idol contestant was told to sing with more urgency tonite..and just think...she was singing about a loved one. I sing & we live for the Lord. How much more do we who represent the God who heals need to be filled with urgency.

Now of course, we all have tired days and discouraging days and times of grief and pain and you name it. We all have financial stress from time to time and family stress even when we are good parents. We have ambition and wants and needs and desires that if left untamed, could consume us.

But the question is, will we allow that stuff to strip us of our need for more of God in our lives? Or will we allow those stresses and longings and disappoinemtnts to pull us upstream towards His well? His water is living water and He satisfiies. So why deny we need to be lifted up in our spirits and why settle for complacently letting life pass us by?


There are too many people dying and lives at stake for us to "chillax" in the spirit. In the flesh, yes, sometimes we need a day of loathing, to kick back and relax and let it all go. But in the spirit, NO! In the spirit, let us rise up and fight the fight to the finish line of our faith. As the group Mary-Mary says in their song, we "gotta do it big." Let's be flled with urgency about spiritual things: about being a light and about wanting more of God.

Let's ask God to fill us with urgency before disaster strikes, while it's still calm and uneventful. So that when hard times come, we will conquer the enemy. After all, The same power that raised Yeshua from the grave lives in us when we believe. Amen!

"URGENCY, Lord, fill us with urgency and let not disaster strike before we seek your face. Your love and power is the fuel we need."

More scriptures about Urgency

Sincerely, Michelle Gold
"Something Bigger" by Mary-Mary

Why you mad at me cause I wanna do it big
Don't think I'm unplugged and I'm disconnected
Cause I didn't do what ya'll expected
I ain't never thought small, cause my brain's colossal
When you gon' find out, you can do it if you want to

Pull up the New Text, click John 14
I can do great things cause of God in me
If God's in me, why I gotta think small
Now you know that don't make no sense at all
I'm in the image of the greatest, why I gotta defend
Why I wanna do it, wanna do it, wanna do it big
La, la, la, la, la, la, laaaaah, aaaah

Can't keep it in a box cause it just don't fit
My God, he's bigger than just music 
I can take it to the church where my people go
I can take it to the people that just don't know
can take it to the people that feel real low
To the poor, to the rich, to the CEO 

(Yeah) He knows who you are
Who you're not, what you got, when it's all gon' stop 

(Yeah) He can make you larger
Change your life and take you farther
It ain't not limit cause this world is his
So you got to do it, got to do it, got to do it big

Nobody plans to be a loser
Nobody tries for second place
Nothing's wrong with second place, but
Why stop at the ceiling when God showed me the sky 
Why get on the airplane if I'm too scared to fly
Why am I goin' to the battle if I don't wanna fight
I'm goin' for the gold 

Got to be incredible, oh oh
[Repeat 4x]
Got to do it, got to do it big, big
I got to, I got to, got to do it big
La, la, la, la, la, la, laaaaah, aaaah

Thursday, December 24, 2015

"Mary (Miriam) Did You Know?" Featuring Jewish Messianic Gospel Singer, ...

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Finding Gold Testimonial Outreach Project

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


written by Michelle Gold, 9-11-2012
Based on 1 Peter 1:24 and 25

“All people are like grass,
and all their glory is like the flowers of the field;
the grass withers and the flowers fall,
but the word of the Lord endures forever.

When people have a revelation of their own mortality, we begin to seek more deeply those things which are eternal…something more lasting and more meaningful.
This morning, the early morning news showed the twin towers going up in smoke. I was there that day. Well not there in the buildings but just 30 blocks away in New York City. I was at my singing lesson and then scurrying thru the streets over to Joe's office to see if he was safe. He was.

But Joe and I felt an enormous hole in our hearts that day as if smoke went up in our hearts. We watched something GLORIOUS & seemingly unmovable and unshakable - the twin towers, go up into flames and smoke. We saw friends and friends of friends leave this life in moments. We felt heavenly tears falling from the sky.
It was the evil of this world, it was one of the greatest tragedies I had ever seen.

Joe and I offered blood at the hospital but were turned away so instead we hit the streets to talk to strangers about the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, who sent the Messiah to die for us so we could have everlasting life…the God who could bring comfort to their hearts. I felt like I wish I could have done much more but being in such shock, I wasn't sure what else to do at the time. I lost a very close friend and friends of friends.

Like the Titanic or much worse, something glorious, something seemingly unshakable WENT DOWN.

The message of hope and healing today?

1. Let us mourn with those who mourn and pray deeply for the families who lost loved ones. This is what the Lord Himself has asked of us. If you lost someone, please know I and praying deeply for you today and mourn with you.

2. Let us be wholeheartedly drawn to a loving relationship with our Heavenly Father as a child runs into his/her daddy's arms. Recoginzing our own mortality will lead us to reach for God who longs to be the lover of our soul. When buildings fall, when loved ones are lost and gone, when hurts run too deep to put into words, we have a powerful love pouring down from the heavenliness which does not fail us. In addition to love, we have the promise of a far greater life than this when we die- a perfect life where there are no more tears and no more suffering. (John 14:6 and the Book of Revelation, chapter 21)

3. Let us become people of healing ACTION. In Hebrew and in the Jewish tradition, we say "Tikkun Olam"- referring to our unquestionable responsibility to repair the world. A pastor friend of mine reminded me of the story of the little boy in the Bible who had very little to give…his measly lunch!!! But the Lord was able to multiply it and feed the multitudes.

With the little that we have to give; a kind word, a loving tone, an unexpected gift, a heartfelt loving prayer for a friend, a dinner invitation to a lonely soul, a song, dance or artistic work with a healing message, we can bring reparation to the world. Though it sounds idealistic, we must believe that it is not. We must believe that we can be a light for those who stand or sit in darkness.


Sunday, May 27, 2012


My emotions are bursting as I type, not knowing what to say or how to express myself. But I am passionatly aware that the enemy of my soul has tried to trick me more than once into thinking I am not worth it. There have been times that even though my BRAIN says, I am loved and I am crowned with splendor by God, I fear I am not worth one thought, one friendship, one heart. "Give up live ministry performance!" the voice says. "No one cares about your message & your existance," the voice says.

But then I recall the voice of my God, the voice of my mother and the voice of my husband and mentor Joe Franco. All three of these voices have  been powerful influences in my life. All three of these have spoken (to me or about me) with greatness of attitude and overwhelming excitment about my future. The Word of God in the Jewish Scriptures (book of Jeremiah) says that God has plans to prosper me and you. There are tons of beautiful scriptures about how I am (and you are also) a crown of splendor in God's mighty hand and how when we believe in Him, we become a royal priesthood, a holy nation...ROYALTY!!!

I try therpay on myself. "SNAP OUT OF THIS," my heart yells at me. "None of us feels we are worth much at all until the Lord comes along and shows us our value is in Him." A more gentle kind of therapy follows. I imagine how I would react if my own daughter told me she doesnt feel worth anything. Oh my goodness and if SHE said she wasnt worth it to ME, I would utterly embrace her. I would look her in the eyes and with every bit of ferver within me, I would tell her that her feelings are not facts. I would tell her she is worth more than the moon and the stars to me.

So what do we do with our twisted minds? How do we tame the thoughts which turn us away from God's will and from loving ourselves? We MUST surround ourselves with praiseworthy friends who lift us up, music which lifts us up and the Word of God. We MUST pray & let God heal us. We can do that now.

Father forgive me for thinking I am not worth it. You made me and I dont mean to insult your beautiful works. You said in Psalm 145 that I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
Help me to love and value myself each day no matter what I do or dont do and no matter what others say or don't say. Lord, love me and teach me how to love myself as you do.
Love, your princess, Michelle Gold

Inspired by this article:

Monday, April 30, 2012

Most radical thing I ever wrote...Is the body of Messiah relevant today?

This is the most radical article I have ever written. If you are a pastor reading this or a Rabbi reading this, this article may not be for you. You might be filled with love and care already & have no issues here. So then please disregard this and help me pray for others.

Numbness of heart, burn out, apathy, Acadia, compassion fatigue...these are words which come to mind when one thinks of some present day leaders who have been out there a long time giving their everything to heal the souls of man through the power of God and much dedication. Sadly, The great Worship Leader, the phenomenal Pastor, the great Missionary or Musician-ary can often relate to the above feelings and it has caused a dilemma in the body of Messiah or the church today.

I am writing because I feel it is a problem worth solving that few have the freedom to show they care these days, even the best of us leaders. Lord knows I have felt this way at points of my ministry and bringing it to God in truth, He has healed me, filled me and given me His heart again which cries out for his people like a mother to the motherless.

But the lack of freedom to care makes it impossible for The church to  become more relevant to the spiritually starving world. I think I have seen the solution for some time taught to me by my favorite pastor, Pastor Alex in NY. Though not perfect, his life goal as a leader is to show he cares. The motto of the church is "the church that cares." Many have walked in off the streets and have found the love they were looking for. This love has lead them to the Lord and to salvation. What these folks felt was real and lasting. They weren't just numbers, they were people who were cared about.

 Having NOT been raised in a church or congregation, I have a keen sense of awareness for what the world is looking for and why they are NOT finding church relevant in their lives. I want to write this to cry out to my friends in ministry. We might feel we are doing just fine keeping hurting people at a safe distance, but often times, we are all guilty! We MUST ask God to fill us like never before with much much more compassion, HIS Compassion, HIS HEART for the lost and hurting.

We must find listening ears to hear people's problems and take time to pray with them even if that time is limited, we must make room in our schedules for those in need.Too many people feel (and I have too often felt) they are just numbers- "FRIENDS" on facebook or "LIKED" in business, loved only until recruited. We all know all that love is not deep and it doesn't heal wounded hearts and equip people for great works. Let's ask God to make us more available and to make us to care even more than we did before!

If we don't truly love like Jesus or Yeshua loves, everything to God is a clanging gong or symbol...noise to His ears. And I don't wanna be noise. I want to be a sweet sound.

This dilemma of lack of time or ability to show we care hits the best of us. Some Pastors and leaders, when they first started out, treasured every moment with a person in need, counseling them and praying with them.  All the sudden, Their needed and hired workers to delegate small tasks to are not present. Leaders become overworked and too busy. No one volunteers so the leaders are spending time "waiting tables" like the dilemma story in the Bible where the disciples were not able to do their best serving God and His people because of mundane tasks which overwhelmed them.

Solution #1:
We need volunteers and workers to back all these great pastors and Rabbis!  Who will go? Who will "wait tables" so pastors can spend time on the phone with the hurting in these last days when people are selling their blood to pay for food and dad's cant afford health insurance for their families?

Solution #2:
It is my strong conviction that congregations and churches need to catch the vision again of small groups implemented the right way. I have seen small groups work wonders and change lives. The Pastor cant do everything! Just like in the book of Exodus when Moses' Dad was told to divide the people into small groups and appoint leaders over them all, we are in dire need of this model today.

If we get into small groups of 10 or 15 with loving trained leaders who can call us when things go wrong and pray with us and encourage us, people will be honestly cared about. When the sheep are fed and blessed, they will bring in more sheep and the congregations will grow.

Yes, it's a risk to bring in other leaders. But done right with good training, it could be the best thing that ever happened to your ministry. It's the model God himself provided so how can you go wrong? As with any relationships, there is risk but when true loves comes in, revival begins.

Isn't church or congregation good just the way it is? doesn't church and congregation still provide a place for us to be encouraged? Absolutely! It's like a giant pep rally! The Bible commands we do not forsake the gathering together. At times, I have been in the worst of moods and walked out of services feeling like with God's power, I can conquer all.

But bottom line, I cannot walk in the full power of God if I am not fully supported during my daily week. I need a small group with a leader who can talk for 5 minutes and or pray if I have a need. Most people would attend church or congregation if they could find a person or leader who truly cares like that. And many do find it bless the Lord.  But A pastor or leader of a 100 person congregation or more probably will not have time for me.

Solution #3: I also propose one more thing. Having been through years of therapy- for those who know my story- I have found amazing help in the 12 step program and because of what I learned, I know how to listen to a person's issues without judging and provide possible options for them based on my own experience (not as much experience as you probably have since I am only 36 years old but I try)

You'd be surpised how many times I called a leader for counsel and they just told me to get over it or they forgot to pray with me. No options offered there or discussions of what my values or needs were. Other leaders have been AWESOME, guiding me into my true destiny with love by sharing their experience and offering options.

Why shouldn't leaders be trained in how to share their experience, strength and hope and give options to  folks who need counsel? Or if not, why shouldn't every church have a counseling staff if not the Pastor?  Al anon 12 step program can train a person for free on how to counsel though they never claim to do so. or somebody could create a training program for leaders to equip them on how to counsel. This would make the church /the body of Messiah SO MUCH More relevant today.

Not to say people cannot give and bless others when they are hurting. I have seen many give and share and bless even while in pain. I am just proposing- wouldn't the church and body of Messiah be 100 percent more effective and powerful if we could minister to each individual like so? Just imagine what we could do together in His name? Imagine how much more the Ruach Ha Kodesh (spirit of God) could move if we settled some of our issues and problems and became more available to serve others...

What do you think? Love to hear your opinion